Words of Wisdohm, Sunday, January 20th…

Today’s Words Of Wisdohm:

Don’t get so comfortable with where you are that you forget where you are going. PUSH to the next level. Go HARD!!!



Words of Wisdohm, Sunday, December 2nd…

It’s nice when we can all get along and be on one accord, especially since it may not happen as often as we’d like. BUT, as much as we may love smooth sailing, we cannot go down with a sinking ship because we were too afraid to discuss the hole.
A lot can happen between idea and execution, so don’t be afraid to say what’s on your mind, even if it varies greatly from the other minds around you. There is nothing wrong with agreeing with someone… unless you don’t.

Today’s Words Of Wisdohm:

Don’t let “groupthink” overpower your opinions and ideas. Be a COMPLETE individual. Make up your own mind. Break the mold.


Janky Promo shuns

Before I dive in, let me acknowledge that this screenshot from my Facebook was taken nearly four months ago, July 29, 2018. I am not sure if Amazon raised their rates or not, even though I HAVE Prime. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I also do not know if Wal-Mart abandoned this marketing strategy. Neither if those things is necessary in order for my point, which is: This ad was bullshit from its misleading inception!😂😂😂

I should pause here to say that, I’m not collecting any sponsorship dollars from Amazon or any other source at this point. But, this ad infuriates me because I know that Prime benefits extend beyond Two-Day Shipping; so, Wal-Mart, as their competitor, knows too! So, are they preying on or praying for those who have not done their due diligence; or are they insulting us by behaving as though our ignorance is a sure thing?

This ad is the perfect example of sin by omission. My Prime subscription gives me access to Prime music, videos, and the Kindle lending library, all of which I use far more than the shipping perks. Priced individually, I’d easily spend in excess of $119 per year; so the bundled benefit of being a Prime member CANNOT be touched! Wal-Mart should be ashamed. But, of course we know, they have no shame. That Terry Crews would lend his image to this one-sidedness disappoints me. I hope they paid him more than $119.

Where are the Kris Kringles of retail who’ll be honest, send us to the proverbial Gimbels and trust that their commitment to CUSTOMER service will increase our loyalty to their brand? How can they want our faith, but invest none in us? Ugh! The hypocrisy that plagues humanity is maddening!

Quality Customer Service is EXTREMELY important to me. It’s slow, agonizing death is heartbreaking, and is something about which I am quite passionate. I wish CEO’s and such would be, too!

– Wisdohm